My 3 months at Webjet: Dzmitry Kakaruk

I joined Webjet back in May as a Master of IT & CS graduate from RMIT.

When looking for work I was looking for a place with a friendly and inclusive environment, which is not too small but not too big, is Australian with a growing international presence, a profitable business but still people-focused. I knew a few guys at Webjet and thought they were the type of people I could see myself working with.

The day I started I really felt how supportive and attentive is all the staff at Webjet, how I was part of the team from the get-go, how collaborative all the teams are, no ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality.

I really enjoy being exposed to various technologies and products, various tech stacks, I was impressed with Webjet’s commitment to technology and quality of work.

All teams at Webjet have full operational product ownership, meaning a team has full responsibility from kick-off to release, support and operation of the product, which ensures a great customer experience with our products.

Currently, I work in the ‘Flights’ team, which is responsible for everything that has to do with searching flights from various vendors, showing best prices and providing the best value for our customers.

I enjoy working at Webjet, I believe I have gained a lot of new knowledge and constantly growing as a professional. There are always challenging issues to solve and an opportunity to research new tech and ideas. As part of Webjet culture, there is a great focus on continuous improvement and support of all staff members.

I’m always encouraged to bring new ideas, all thoughts are respected and taken into consideration which in turn encourages developers to provide the best product for our customers.

As an example, I was able to develop and deploy Openresty solution to solve a universal URL redirection problem. I didn’t have prior experience in this but was encouraged to learn.