My 3 months at Webjet: Rochelle Gracias

I joined Webjet back in April as a Master of IT & CS graduate from RMIT.

Working as a Developer at Webjet, I got to pick up coding tasks or stories that have been planned for the current sprint. Following an Agile development model, each morning we have a stand up where we discuss what we’ve worked on and if we have anything blocking our work. The rest of the day is spent on working through the stories, complete code reviews and deploying completed work into production. I’ve got to learn many new things and spend time with team mates asking questions and learning from their experience.

I’ve loved the variety of the work I got to do. Through the projects I’ve gotten a chance to work on have many different components like building the Jenkins pipeline, developing and maintaining the front-end applications and micro services. With any work I pick up, I’ve had the liberty to tackle it however I want, which often leads to a chance to learn something new. That’s something I love about working at Webjet. I’ve got ample opportunity to learn, either through the learning tools provided by the company to up skill, by my own research or discussing with the team I am a part off.

Being a fresh graduate, I still have things to learn and working with more experienced developers can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing especially during discussions. However, the few months that I worked at Webjet, I found that the team members are more than happy to explain the more complicated concepts or walk me through a task.